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February 2024 Newsletter

Updated: Apr 10

Blissful wishes to YOU!!


The News...

Happy New Year to you, if I 't had a change to see you yet... and we'll be welcoming in the Chinese New Year too in a few days on the 10th February, bringing in the Year of the Dragon. I had been noticing lots of dragonflies around, so perhaps they are sympbolising the changes that are coming with the new year.


Life got off to a busy start this year, following our chaotic festive weather... I was working for Dr Andrew Treloar at Essence Chiropractic whilst he was away in Brazil, as well as seeing my clients in clinic in Tallebudgera Valley. As we move into February I am happy to be focussing my attention in just one clinic.


Many of you who have been into clinic since November have also experienced some to the new "toys" I invested in since incorporating more of Dr Robert Melillo's brain balancing methods into practice. I have to say I'm loving the results, as the aim is to utilise any methods that help you attain balance quicker. For those who have experienced changes, sometimes the changes don't feel comfortable because we've been used to our habits and the new experiences feel different. However, I can assure you that the discomfort won't last, as you'll start feeling even more at ease, with energy to cope in the world we're living in.


For your information, I've also decided to increase my chiropractic fees by $10 from 1st March 2024. It's been a few years since I've increased the chiro fees as during covid I felt that everybody was facing enough challenges and increases. Thank-you for your understanding and appreciating change.


The Views...

I commenced this year starting a very old book by Og Mandino called 'The Greatest Secret in the

World', and the aim is to read one chapter over and over throughout the month - to ensure that you grasp the concepts that he is sharing. I honestly have to say I've thoroughly enjoyed January, as I'd start each day with:

'I greet this day with LOVE in my heart...' and anytime throughout the day when I'd have a doubt, frustration or negative thought, I'd reiterate this in my mind. In summary he goes on to say: 'For this is the greatest secret of success in all ventures!! Henceforth will I love all mankind'.

I found this the most perfect way to start the new year, and I look forward to sharing each month's theme with you. :-)


The Upcoming...

This year, in addition to my private workshops, I look forward to collaborating with the Sunny Skye's Wellness Hub in offering a few workshops and experiences. Keep checking our sites for updates.


Some of the offerings that are brewing currently are workshops in:

  • Facing YOU - learning how our face reveals how we are processing and expressing life in the moment.

  • Girls JOY workshop - for young girls delving into the Journey of You, exploring the changes they are facing and tools to navigate the phase of puberty.

  • Being Woman - delving into our cycles as women and self-care practice tools.

  • Belly Bliss - considering how we are not digesting life and finding practical ways to regain our health and vitality.

  • Connecting Kids - a workshop delving into switching on kids brains and showing them exercises and activities that will help them feel more at ease in everyday life.

  • Wise Woman Soul Retreat - reawakening, reaffirming and reconnecting to the wisdom within,

If there is a particular offering that is sparking your interest, let me know and we can create one sooner! The first offering this year will be a Face Reading Course on the Gold Coast on Sunday, 3rd March, 2024 from 9 - 1;30pm. Check out the flyer below or book online from my website.


I look forward to sharing with you soon... with LOVE in my heart!!


Much love for a blessed month,

Bronwyn :-) xo

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