FACEbiotics Pack


What You’ll Receive:

  • 125ml FACEbiotics Cream
  • 2x Konjac Sponges

FACEbiotics Cream

The FACEbiotics cream was built out of frustration concerning face creams that just don't hit the mark. They are costly, complicated, and in most cases messy. Chelsey Jean set out to change this, and through many trials developed what we now know as FACEbiotics. What sets this cream apart from many others on the market is the inclusion of signature ingredients such as the inclusion of Lactococcus Ferment Lysate, a probiotic which works on restoring the acid mantle of the face and protects against free radical damage. However, that was not good enough for Chelsey Jean. She wanted to make this product a little bit of luxury, without the price tag. That where Aquaxy™ takes the stage! The inclusion of a naturally derived ingredient is a mastermind inclusion which boosts hydration for 24 hours!


About the Konjac Sponges

These vegan-friendly, naturally derived sponges are a game-changer in your beauty routine! This naturally exfoliating product is the perfect addition to the Chelsey Jean sequence. The plant itself, the Konjac Root, is naturally alkaline, so the alkaline properties when used on your face are a powerful cleaner in its own right!

Ensure to soak the sponge in warm water before first use, it quickly rehydrates and feels a little slimy - this is normal and shows how close to nature it is!

FACEbiotics Pack - 125ml Face Cream & 2 x Konjac Sponges