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Bronwyn Lakay B.Sc(Hons)
M.Chiro, DSIT, DRM
We are constantly evolving and adapting, and as we learn to share what we know, we continue to grow...

My journey started as a Massage Therapist in 1996 whilst I was studying Honours at the Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute. Although I loved research my outgoing nature missed more personal interaction, so I did courses in Remedial Massage & Sports Injury Therapies.  Loving massage there were times when I wanted to help more, so I then went on to become a Chiropractor.  I have always been a "people person", but I have a particular love of children.  I am continuously inspired by what they teach us when we allow them to express their purity, that can so boldly shine through...

I moved to the Gold Coast in 2004 to start Coolangatta Chiropractic Centre which I ran for nine years.  Loving learning and always keen to find more ways to serve others, I then delved into more aspects of healing and for many years participated as a member of The Reconnection worldwide teaching Team until my daughter arrived.  My questioning mind led me to research and learn more about Dr Konstantin Korotkov’s cutting edge Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) machine. This amazing machine is utilised to show individuals the reality of the light emitted by our energy field and how it is affected by our interactions within the Universe.  It clearly presents an 'Advanced Wellbeing Assessment' -  as the GDV Biofield Health analysis is an overview of how our body is functioning physically and emotionally in the moment. 

Having always loved both learning and teaching, I decided to embark on creating health and healing workshops accessible to everyone - to apply and share in our daily lives. 

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