Wellbeing Workshops

I am passionate about both learning and teaching.  I continue to learn every day by connecting with people, nature & my inner most thoughts. Consequently, I was compelled to create workshops to share some of the insights and tools that I have learnt over the years for people of all ages.  I look forward to also continuing to learn from You, should you choose to join me. 

My aim is to inspire and empower individuals to tune in to our innate, healing vibrational frequencies.  In doing so, we awaken the magical opportunities before us, by Being able to Be in the moment... :-).

The workshops cover a broad area of kinesiology, massage and healing.  They vary from one hour, introductory sessions to full day, interactive workshops.

Workshop calendar

Shorter Workshops

  • Parents – Ways to Support your Childrens’ Learning & Development: Having tools to nurture, support and encourage our children is empowering for both parties - adults & kids! You will learn some simple brain and integrative physical activities that can be applied at home, engaging with your kids and supporting their development – physically, mentally & emotionally.

  • Healing for Kids: an interactive play workshop designed to introduce children aged 5-12 years old to healing vibrational frequencies.  They can then use the tools on themselves (if hurt, stressed or anxious at school or play) or on family, friends and pets.

  • Being Your Empowered Self: an introductory workshop delving into simple ways to tap into Your own inner strength & insights, using kinesiology, healing and meditation.

  • Self Care for Abdominal Conditions:  an informative and interactive session for anyone who experiences abdominal discomfort, an abdominal or pelvic condition or who wants to take action to create a better state of health. You will learn self abdominal massage and participate in mindfulness exercises. You can take action to enrich your daily life!

Full Day Workshops

  • Abdominal Massage for Bodyworkers: an opportunity to learn various ways of using vibrational healing frequencies on family, friends, pets and the planet. This one day interactive workshop aims to consider both the physical and emotional impacts of abdominal stress.

  • Simple Kinesiology for Everyday Living: learning the common reflex points of the body and utilising kinesiology techniques to determine where you may have weaknesses and what you or your family members may be reactive to... be it physical (eg. injuries), chemical (eg. allergies) or emotional (eg. stress).

To Register

       Contact Bronwyn directly to register and confirm your place.

  • If you are keen but unable to make the scheduled dates in the calendar of events, contact me to notify me of your interest.  That way I can contact you personally if there are enough people to arrange an additional workshop on an alternate date.

  • If you know four or more participants willing to play...  contact me directly to arrange an additional workshop, at the discounted fee.

  • In exceptional circumstances, the location of a workshop may be changed, or it may be postponed due to insufficient numbers. 

Cancellation Policy:

If you are unable to attend a workshop that you have registered and purchased a ticket for, I will do my utmost to accommodate you with the following options:
i) Offer you a credit for another class of similar value.  (Credit notes remain valid for twelve months).
ii) Allow a substitute to take your place, or
iii) Offer an 80% refund of the funds paid.  Please understand that if you prefer a refund, the incurred 20% administration fee goes towards costs that are incurred to arrange & confirm the event.
* No refund will be issued for no shows.