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Chiropractic Consultation
Reconnective Healing

$150 in person or distance.

$333 includes 2 x 1hour in person sessions preferably on consecutive days.

GDV Health Assessment 

$80 includes a print out of your analysis readings

RBTI Health Assessment 

$150 initial sample assessment,

$80 follow-up assessment;

This includes a clinic sample drop-in, with a detailed email report of the findings.

Buteyko Breathing Class

$150 per hour for personal coaching. Online course options available for at home learning


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Payment Options

Medicare Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Program

Any person who has a chronic condition can get a referral from a GP for up to 5 Chiropractic care visits in a calendar year.  Payment of the government recommended fee is made up-front by you and then claimable by Medicare immediately, with the rebate being deposited directly into your account.

Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) Care

Gold cardholders require a referral from a GP for Chiropractic care.

Workcover / Insurance Cases

We are happy to treat any of these cases; however, our policy is that you, as the patient, make the payment up front and claim back from your employer or insurance company directly.

Payment is accepted by EFTPOS, Cash and Direct Deposit. Private health fund claims can be made directly from your provider. 

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