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January 2021 Newsletter

Happy, Happy New Year Wishes to You...

The News...

The holidays for us have been about enjoying family time and going to the beach every day!! We were grateful to head down to the beach to welcome the new year in, and got to spend time with a few friends. The most incredible light show was watching the full moon rise over the ocean on New Years Eve, and then to watch the glistening light shining through the dark on top of the water. We truly are so blessed here on the Gold Coast... :-)

It is with delight that I welcome the new year in and hopefully I will get to connect with you in some way or another throughout this year. I feel it is a year of 'Transforming'... and I've been drawn to ground, continue to slow down and to CONNECT - first with ourselves and then with Mother Nature, whether it be with the Earth, Water, Wind or Fire. Really, allow yourself time to tune in as we start this year - bring the focus from the outside in...

Clinically - I'll be resuming in my clinic from Tuesday, 12th January 2021, but I have been asked to locum for Dr Graham Kenyon at Banora Tweed Family Chiropractic Centre in South Tweed again this month. So for those of you further south or across the border, you're welcome to call their clinic to see if you can fit it in to see me whilst I'm closer to you on (07) 5524-7400.

As a New Year Special, I am offering my Adult Buteyko Breathing Online Courses now at discounted prices for the next 3 months... Functional Breathing habits can change your life - whether it be to help decrease snoring, increase more restful sleep, which results in increased energy, concentration, focus and mood. I do offer personal coaching, or the online courses are an option to have infinite access for yourself, or to share with your family. Anyone keen on researching, James Nester recently released a book and podcast outlining the benefits of learning good nasal breathing habits in 'The Lost Art and Science of Breath'. Check it out for yourself...

The Views...

Since I still feel in holiday mode, my view to start the year is think of one word you'd like to focus on for the forthcoming year... Keep it simple!!! You don't have to think of numerous resolutions that we can all come up with. This year how about think about one word that can bring you back to your intention each time you check in... My word, as you may have guessed from the introduction, is TRANSFORMING! :-)

The Upcoming...

My offerings will commence in February with me offering an 'Abdominal Care Webinar - Understanding, correlating and Caring' through ATMS again, details of which can be found at on February 9th.

May you have a jubilant January!

Much love,

Bronwyn :)

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