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June 2022 Newsletter

Joyous June wishes to You!! The News... The chill in the air is definitely unsurpassable at present... It makes us appreciate evermore the warmth of the sun; especially since it's been back the last few days!!! Isn't it just glorious to see the light... and feel the warmth... as we soak in the Vitamin D from the rays (that's if we allow some reflection directly into our eyes for a few minutes each day without sunglasses ;)). On these cool nights though, I love to sit in front of the fire and contemplate life, the universe and everything, whilst mesmerised by the glowing coals and dancing flames... :) Last month, I received the Naturally Unique Essentials products lovingly made by Miriam Fessler in Chinchilla, Qld. This season increases the coughs and colds around, and I have found her 'Snots & Coughs' herbal salve with Mullein and Eucalyptus has been tremendous. The Views... Tuning in to our health, there are so many ways that we can "measure" our state of wellbeing. There are technical tests and then there are the simple acts of monitoring: 1. Our feelings - through self reflection, meditation, prayer or contemplation... 2. Our thoughts - through journalling, discussions/ catch ups with friends or family... 3. Our body - through noticing a sense of ease or tension/ stress. Nociceptors determine our pain, chemoreceptors determine our chemical state. As you know I use kinesiology as a tool to listen to the body to feel into what support each individual needs. & I use RBTI biochemical analysis of urine and saliva to determine specifically what we need at this time to support our body into a healing range. The key measurements determine our hydration and mineral efficiencies and deficiencies. We all can have control of our health, if we know where and how to do it. Hmmm... that makes me think, perhaps a health day workshop may be in order... If you'd be interested let me know and I can create a day where we can do the analysis and then I can show YOU how to measure and apply basic principles to regain your health. The reality is, when we know, we can understand more, and therefore feel like we're more in control, and therefore we no longer need to be in fear! Our bodies are capable of incredible healing. We just need to be willing to listen and be committed enough to CARE! The Upcoming... The next events I will be sharing are: * 'Simple Kinesiology for Everyday Living' Full Day workshop - on Sunday, 12th June 2022, 9am - 5pm. Open to anyone interested in "talking" to the body. The EARLY BIRD enrollment rate is still available for a few more days - until midnight on Sunday 5th June 2022. * 'Acupressure Contact Healing - focusing on Common Body Conditions' online Webinar - on Monday, 18th July 2022, 12noon to 1:30pm with time for questions - . We will cover acupressure points you can use for things like dizziness, coughs, nausea, vomiting, heart conditions, lung conditions, digestive conditions, kidney conditions, etc. If you'd like to learn more about a particular condition, email me in advance and I can ensure I include some key points in the webinar for you too!! If you are unable to attend live, you can still register and a copy of the link will be sent to you to watch at your leisure. Wishing you a Jubilant June, Much love, Bronwyn :) xo

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