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May 2020 Newsletter -News, views & upcoming events

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

As we feel the nip in the air, we welcome marvellous May. It's a time when we can layer up, and for some light our fires, to warm things up - and a great time to watch the dancing of flames in our life. In light of the current situation it's especially important to keep our immunity up!!   Adapting to the changes over the last month, we continue to see various changes globally In contemplation this week I considered the beautiful images that have been presented and posted on various media platforms showing less pollution and  how mother nature is regenerating and rejuvenating.  My thoughts were that really this is a time that we can "see" more clearly... not only physically but also in relation to what we want in our lives.  It an opportunity to see the world in a different light... CLINIC IS OPEN: I thankfully, continue to offer care and they have also lifted the restrictions that had been in place for remedial massage, so I can now offer massages as well for those in need. As you many of you know that I've been studying the Reams Biological Theory of Ionisation (RBTI) health protocols, and I'm loving all that I'm learning, and besides myself, seeing some changes that some clients are benefiting from.  Having the full analysis gives you a detailed overview of your health, but only you can make the lifestyle dietary changes that may be required.  It's not necessarily a quick fix, as for some less favourable habits have overrun what could be better for our body.  It can take time, as for some many years of they body struggling, may require some persistence to get things back in order. If you have any questions about having a biochemistry health analysis feel free to ask me more... In my research I found a fabulous, free online digital library at  A couple of books that I've really enjoyed are: 1) 'Feed Your Self Right' by Dr Lendon Smith - a paediatrician who in my opinion had great advice and suggestions for his clients; who ranged from babies to adults.  He presents an overview for all ages and then lists individual conditions and what he would recommend in practise for his patients that presented with particular ailments.  He also has 'Feed Your Kids Right'. 2) The second book I've enjoyed is 'Dr Abravanel's Body Type Diet and Lifetime Nutritional Plan' by Dr Elliot Abravanel, which is particularly useful for those of us who may be getting extra creative in the kitchen, leading to more calories being ingested... (eek!) ;). His principals vary slightly to what I've been learning with the RBTI, but I like the information that he presents, for many people who have tried different diets that haven't been sustainable could be because it hasn't been aligned with your individual metabolism make-up or organ dominance.  Again, I liked the science that he presents in addition to his detailed body shape suggestions, which look very do-able.  So ultimately I guess it's about finding what works best for YOUR body, and really only you get to know and feel that if you are consciously listening to your body. For those who would like to have a biochemical health analysis to ensure your immune system is strong, I am happy to offer the RBTI urine and saliva testing, which calculates how your body is functioning internally at this time. You can either drop your sample in, or express post it in to me for analysis. You then get to understand why you may be feeling what you're feeling, and then get to choose whether or not you'd like to make some lifestyle changes if required, in order to gain more optimal health and wellbeing. May you continue to enjoy some "down" time, and perhaps a good book or two. Wishing you a magnificent May! Much love, Bronwyn  :)

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