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May 2023 Newsletter

May May be magnificent,

The News...

Thank you for your patience as I didn't get to a newsletter in April as we had escaped to New Caledonia for both a fun holiday with my family and to teach some workshops. I taught three workshops and had a wonderful little group of inspiring attendees. It was fun to teach with French translation; reaffirming we live on this earth as one... :-).

As a holiday destination, we all had the most magnificent time in Noumea, Isle of Pines and Ilot de Maitre. We all thought it was one of our best holidays ever!!! The marine life was incredible, snorkeling with so many fish around the reefs, swimming with the turtles, admiring the huge manta ray's and dolphins, and being blessed with sighting of a dugong happily eating the sea grass as we were on a boat heading back to the mainland to catch our flight home. We returned wondrously sun-kissed, and noticed the cool in the air on our return.

Clinic commenced in full flow on return, and I thank-you for your patience as I'm mostly booked a couple of weeks in advance still. Cancellations do crop up on the rare occasion, but I'm always happy to pass on numbers of wonderful colleagues if you need care urgently.

The Views...

In my last newsletter in March, I had asked if you'd been having enough time out for YOU??

Having enjoyed my family time, made me prioritise my time out even more on my return. I feel so blessed to love what I get to do for "work", playing with patients all day, but I feel grateful that I get to enjoy time with family, friends and doing things that I love; things that fill my heart with joy.

What is it that fills your heart...?

As it is getting cooler, I'd suggest you stock up on Miriams 'Snots & Coughs' chest rub from Naturally Unique Essentials. I love the smell of her love made, all natural products and the rub is our favourite to fend off the colds and flu's that arise at this time.

The Upcoming...

May will bring fabulous events.

  • Taking Off Documentary - inspired by women who began surfing later in their lives, but who remind us it's never too late to follow your dreams.

    • Saturday, 20th May 2023, Southern Cross University. Visit

  • Blu School 'Clear Minded for Life' FREE Online workshops - inspired by Dakotah Bradshaw & Vicki O'Leary sharing their passion to show you how to bring access and create your unique dreams into reality experiences.

    • Access the online school portal at https:/

  • Belly Bliss Abdominal Massage Workshop - a day workshop covering the benefits of abdominal massage for digestive, gynaecological and fertility conditions.

    • Friday, 16th June, 9:30am - 2:30pm, Tallebugera Valley, Gold Coast. Register at

Wishing you a Magical Month... :-)

Much love,

Bronwyn xo

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