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November 2021 Newsletter

Hello to November... The News... Seeing that I was late in getting the October newsletter out, I felt that I didn't have very much news to share this time, but then I remembered the animal visitors we'd had - the usual wallabies and baby joey's, and Isabelle also spotted a koala one morning whilst having breakfast. Then yesterday a gorgeous little kingfisher came by... He/she unfortunately had flown into a window and had stunned itself... Some loving and nurturing from us and Isabelle was super excited to hold and talk to "a real, live bird in the wild", before it was ready to spread it's wings again. Such a magnificent little creature that flew in to bless us with its grace and stunning beauty!! Other than that it has been a wonderful month for me - getting to spend quality time with family and special friends. I guess yesterday was just another special friend popping by to bless and inspire us with it's company... :) The Views... As the weather is heating up, it's a great reminder to ensure that you are drinking enough water. So, we all need at least 33ml of water per kilo we weigh for the day - therefore a child of 10Kg needs 330ml, whereas an adult that weighs 100Kg, needs 3.3Litres. Ideally at least filtered water, although some in the RBTI world suggest distilled water is best for drinking. The key however is to have water consistently throughout the day, NOT gulping down lots at one time. When we drink too much at one time is like when we have the flooding rains and the soil can not absorb anymore water, so it washes off the topsoil. The same thing happens in our body... our cells can only absorb a certain amount of water and if we drink too much at one time, it just flushes through us and often will wash out some of "top soil" too. ' Therefore when I have patients that say that they're constantly running to the loo, it could be that they're having too much as one time. When you are exercising or excessively hot or in a sauna you may need a little extra water, however if you're drinking more than your body weight requirement, you will find that your energy is low and you may experience headaches because we flush our electrolytes out and the body loses it's reserve energy. The majority of people are more commonly dehydrated though, and that too can cause headaches - usually more frontal and behind the eyes, and it slows the digestion, leading to more bloating and abdominal discomfort. So the best way to maintain your fluid level is to drink every your weight in mls every half an hour, so if your weigh 50Kg that's 50ml water every half an hour, or if you're 100Kg, that's 100ml of water every half an hour. If you need a timer initially, do it - it's worth it & we all need to be reminded!!! When we reach our water quota each day what we're doing is allowing our body to flush out any toxins, bring down excessive sugars, clear out excessive salts being stored in the cells and take the pressure off our heart. What a wonderful way to love and nurture out bodies... :). Some of the local kids refer to me as the "water police", and yes I am more than happy to remind everyone to drink water as I know it's one way to keep their body safe!! :) I laugh too when patients admit to me that they try to drink water when they're on their way to an appointment with me, as they know their body is going to tell me that they're dehydrated... ;)!! And that is the fact - the body surely does keep score... & it tells me all that's going on... :) xx I'm just here to remind you, and to be your support crew cheering you on, as our body's always give us signs... we just need to take enough time to listen!! :) The Upcoming... * The FREE Health Focus Webinar will be online on Monday, 29th November at 1pm Qld time, and it will be recorded if you can't make it in person. Registration is open directly from my website. When you register, ask me any questions that have been on your mind about the body and I'd be happy to share any insights I know... * Thank-you to those who had expressed interest, but unfortunately the Kinesiology Workshop I had planned for December 2021 has had to be postponed due to a change at the venue. I contacted a couple of other venues that I was drawn, but dates didn't line up, so I decided that the next Kinesiology workshop is now going to be on Sunday, 6th March 2022. Registration is available directly from my website. I have still saved the original date and changed it to a Sharing Circle afternoon if anyone is interested... * Sharing Circle, Sunday, 5th December 2021 at 3:00pm - 5:00pm is an opportunity to join with others, sharing, creating and loving. You can register to join us directly from my website. * The Global Timeline Optimisation Protocol continues daily at 9am & 9pm for 3 minutes - to hold the greatest timeline destiny for yourself, our beautiful planet earth and the divinity in humanity. You may consider it a prayer/ meditation/ connection space where we contribute to loving and supporting not only ourselves and our immediate family and friends, but our global family and environment/ space. Wishing you a numinous November! Much love, Bronwyn :) xo Register here for the FREE Health Focus Webinar FREE Online Health Focus Webinar - Monday, 29th November 2021 at 1pm AEST (Brisbane Time). Email me your questions either before hand or when you register, so that I can tailor the session around what YOU want to know... :-) Register to attend the Sharing Circle You can register for the next Kinesiology workshop online from my website. Book here for the Kinesiology Workshop Click the button below to find out more about Body Code & Emotion Code session with Kerry McKeown Button Visit the College of New Thought Monday Dr, Tallebudgera Valley QLD 4228, Australia 0414670419 Share on social Check out my website Created with Explore Ascend

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