October - November 2020 Newsletter

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This month's newsletter is a little late as I decided to take a couple of weeks off to rest and recuperate. We need to prioritise time for ourselves in our ever busy lives... and the time creeped up on me before I got to write the newsletter. So whilst I enjoyed the school holidays and then extra special time with family and beautiful people in my world, I decided that this month I'll do a joint October-November newsletter instead :).

As we soak into spring the amazing electrical storm we had last Sunday night was a pre-view show of what they say may be a wet Summer... There really is so much to enjoy each and every day, and just taking it as it comes and being with the day and the moment, and the people around us in the 'now' is so truly sacred - enjoy it people!!!

September seems like so long ago, and thinking back Isabelle had a super fun time at their school Colour Fun Run - once again a huge thank-you for all your support!!

If you missed the insights from Dakotah and Vicki last month, you can visit their website any time -

The Views...

From the Reams Biologicial Theory of Ionisation (RBTI) biochemistry principles, this month I'd like to share the importance of balancing our carbohydrates. So what does our carbohydrate reading reveal? Well, it reveals the sugars in your urine, which gives an overview of the last 24 hours. A blood test usually measures just your blood glucose, whereas this reading is the total sugars that are in the system. Ultimately what it is measuring is your potential energy or how much energy is available to your body at that point in time.

The reading is taken by measuring your urine on a Brix refractometer. If your carbohydrate reading is a

* Low Brix reading: you do not have much reserve energy in your tank at all and it suggests you are likely to feel that you can't think straight or just don't have the clarity, as the glucose is not getting to the brain to help it think. Often people experience lightheadedness, dizziness, extreme fatigue, irritability, muscle aching, sugar crashing especially between 11am - 2pm, frontal headaches or migraines, seizures sometimes, forgetfulness and always cold.

* High Brix reading: suggests that are too many sugars in the system that the body is not able to utilise. Often people experience more of a foggy brain. They are often hot all the time and they also experience headaches, but they tend to be more at the back of the head. They too can experience body aches, where they feel sore, tired, and achey with numbness in the extremities. Often it coincides with a high salt reading which indicates they do not drink enough water and therefore they may have angina, palpitations, insomnia - because the liver is too congested, and will wake often in the night to go to the loo.

The best way to balance the carbohydrates - whether they are too high or too low is to have freshly made green juice. A variety of leafy green vegetables does the trick, and you can add an apple or pear or other vegetables as sweeteners... At least one a day is highly beneficial, but when a person's reading shows that they are pre-diabetic or diabetic, they may even benefit from two juices a day. If they have a high sugar and salt reading, increasing their water intake is a simple way to balance both areas of the biochemistry as hydration plays such a huge part of our function, and the gut-brain balance is incredible. Understanding what sugars YOUR body needs can go along way to determine how to build up your reserve energy; so that you can deal with anything that comes your way - whether it be physical, chemical or emotional...

Although I've only been presenting one aspect of the biochemistry analysis in each newsletter over the past months, remember they are all parts of a bigger picture... When we look at the whole picture, we get to see what you need to focus on in your diet and lifestyle habits to ensure you builds up your reserve energy. If you'd like a full picture of where you are at at present you'd be welcome to collect a sample kit from me, so that we can assess your urine and saliva for a more comprehensive picture of where your body is losing energy! In my research I've come across another enthusiastic clinician from the USA who was a pharmacist before he became a naturopathic doctor, who also explains alot about the principles behind RBTI. If you'd like to learn more, search for 'Doc Misak' on You Tube, where he has his free livestream recordings each week.