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September 2020 Newsletter

Salut September... The News... The days are definitely starting to warm up, so yes Spring has nearly sprung!!  We've enjoyed our wattles in full bloom with the symphony of the buzzing bees adding to the bliss... The webinars I presented in August on 'The Fertility Journey from a Bodyworkers Perspective' were received well, and it was lovely to hear from therapists who are keen to support their clients' in the community, in all ways so as to have an even more supported fertility experience. Other fabulous news I'd love to share is from a lovely lady that I met a few months ago, Dakotah and her beautiful friend Vicki.  These beautiful ladies have created a website filled with insights, guidance and love.  I urge you to drop in to see where you're drawn... In regards to Isabelle's school Colour Fun Run, the countdown is well and truly underway - as the big day is this Thursday.  A huge thank-you to many of you who have generously donated towards Isabelle's participation.  It your amazing contribution, that really keeps little community schools like this going.  So, once again, an extra special THANK-YOU for making a difference and for supporting small community schools! If you had wanted to contribute, you still have this week... Her sponsorship page link is: The Views... From the Reams Biologicial Theory of Ionisation (RBTI) biochemistry principles, this month I'd like to share the importance of balancing our salts.  So what does our salt reading reveal? Well, it reveals the conductivity potential within our body - which is our level of hydration. How can it be regulated? Ideally we should be drinking 33ml of water per kilogram that we weigh, and ideally we should be drinking consistently throughout the day; not gulping down a whole lot at one time.  If you are exerting yourself or in an extra hot climate/ sauna, you may need extra water too.  So, one of the best ways to achieve consistent hydration is to drink your body weight in ml every half an hour.  It's a great way to determine what is ideal as we are all different weight, and therefore this way we can also determine how much fluid our children need to be drinking per day to maintain their health.  So for example if I weighed 70 Kg, my total fluid goal for the day would be at 70 x 0.033 = 2.31Litres per day.  So if I drank 70ml every half hour from the time I woke up I should get through it in my 16 waking hours of the day. Now, although drinking water to me is a simple principle, I too need to be reminded at times; but I'm blown away by the number of people that drink very little water!!  You know, it really is such a simple thing, that has a huge impact on our health!!  Why???  Because when we do not drink enough water, the fluids in our system (our pipes) becomes thick and viscous and it the communication between cells slows down, and puts more strain on our heart and lymphatic system.  So, when we think about it this way... if the pipes are filled with a muddy sludge, it just takes more effort to clean out the system, right?!  When that happens it causes nerve and smooth muscle breakdown, so there are a myriad of symptoms you may feel - like nervousness, diverticulitis, decreased bladder control, hiatus hernia, increased blood pressure, palpitations and body temperature, increased hearing impairment and increased kidney congestion leading to swelling.  The aim of the fluid we drink is to flush things out of our body or wastes and toxins that have accumulated in our system.  Now an analogy I ready recently that I liked, explained that like most cars we are also run on a water cooled system, not an air cooled system and when we don't have enough water we increase the pressure and friction internally, resulting in constipation, increased tension, more cholesterol build up and heart pressure.  When we drink too much water - yes it is possible - then we flush out all our electrolytes and our mental & physical capacity declines, so we end up feeling less coordinated, with no energy and can't think straight.  That is why it is important to determine what your ideal water intake is and aim for that. Although I've only been presenting one aspect of the biochemistry analysis in each newsletter over the past months, remember they are all parts of a bigger picture...  When we look at the whole picture, we get to see what you need to focus on in your diet and lifestyle habits to ensure you builds up your reserve energy.  If you'd like a full picture of where you are at at present you'd be welcome to collect a sample kit from me, so that we can assess your urine and saliva for a more comprehensive picture of where your body is losing energy!  In my research I've come across another enthusiastic clinician from the USA who was a pharmacist before he became a naturopathic doctor, who also explains alot about the principles behind RBTI.  If you'd like to learn more, search for 'Doc Misak' on You Tube, where he has his livestream recordings. Next month I'll share more about what our carbohydrate level reveals... The Upcoming... In a couple of weeks I will be presenting a webinar through the Massage Therapy Association of South Africa on 'Abdominal Care - Trusting and Caring for our Gut'.  It will be on Saturday, 12 September at 5pm Australia time, 9am South African time.  If you know anyone who may be interested I have included the link below that you can guide them to, or get them to email me and I can forward the information on directly. Wishing you a Super Special September! Much love, Bronwyn  :)

The Compendium of Thought opening doors to greater minds everywhere Help Isabelle make a difference

Hi!! I've created this page because I want to make a difference. Ingleside State School is a fabulous, small, community oriented school and boasts a big heart. The school is currently raising money for shade sails for the school playgrounds and I wanted to support them by raising money as part of my participation in the 2020 School Fun Run. Massage Therapy Association of South Africa - Massage Therapy Association of South Africa

By Erika Kruger Building and maintaining ones own practice can become an all-consuming activity revolving around the business aspects thereof. This often leaves very little time to stay abreast of the latest research in the massage field. Professional bodies offset this dilemma by managing compulsory continued professional development programmes and the launch of such a programme by the Allied... Email me if you'd like me to send through the registration details.  The webinar fee is ZAR10 for MTASA members or ZAR20 for non-members. EXCLUSIVE AGE-DEFYING SKIN CARE RANGE As a skin care range, they are natural, vegan botanical products. If you're curious to try any of the products know that you can order directly yourself from my link at  and if you place your order online you have a 30 day money back guarantee if you don't like the product.  Only YOU can feel the difference and if you're not happy, it really is your prerogative to ask for your money back! If there are any products you'd like more information on, don't hesitate to contact me. Bronwyn :)

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