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September 2021 Newsletter

September 2021 Newsletter - News, views & upcoming events It's just a few days before we welcome September... The News... Just as we thought the air was warming up, a slightly cooler spell just blew in this week, but life is still pretty magical on the Gold Coast. Our household had some adventures, experiencing iFly for the first time and going to the drive-in; which a first for out little miss, and decades for us adults! I also want to say an extra special thank-you to everyone who has generously donated to Isabelle for her school's Colour Fun Run, which is coming up on Tuesday, 31st August. Your support is greatly appreciated for her little school, which depends greatly on community contribution! Donations are accepted until 7th September if anyone else would like to contribute a little bit of change. This weekend I taught a 'General Introduction to Massage' Course for people that wanted to feel comfortable and confident to assist family and friends. Our touch is a gift, and being able to help relieve stress and tension, particularly in the current times, reassuring our loved ones' is truly a blessing! Clinically - I'm happy to share that amidst the "lock downs", NSW clients are still permitted at present to cross the border for health care appointments if I provide a letter. Although it is said to be dependent on the officer on duty, so far all patients have made it through... so know that I continue to be here for you, anytime you need care and support. The Views... In my opinion I feel we all should be focusing on staying as healthy as we can, and supporting each other in any and every way we can. My reminder has been to live life fully each day - loving and laughing!! In contemplation this month, I was pondering peoples' fear of death... and the reality is we are all going to die one day. The fact is, we don't actually know when that may be, and whether that may be from illness, old age, an accident or a freak tragedy. When we make peace with that, it reminds us to truly live wholly and souly through each day. A quote that I loved was that, "We should be living to die, not dying to live". That quote to me suggests that when we are doing our best to be the best version of who we'd like to be, whether it be physically, mentally, nutritionally, or emotionally - we are doing our best, and that is the best that we can do. No one can do it for us! Each of us as an individual have to take responsibility for what we are creating in our lives... We can care infinitely for others, but we can not live their journey. Our role is to fulfill our own path, our own lessons, our own destiny. Collectively, the most powerful thing we can do for each other is to support and encourage those around us, to tune in to our heart - to LOVE - as that is our most accurate navigator of the world we're creating... In acknowledging health practitioners that support and encourage us, the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) has launched Australia's leading natural medicine awards program, recognising the outstanding achievements of natural therapists who are making a positive contribution to the Australian Natural Medicine Industry. So, if you know a health care therapist, clinic or student that is tremendous, nominate them for recognition!! Whether it be for massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy, physiotherapy, homeopathy, reflexology, podiatry, nutrition, naturopathy or anything else you can think of, share your praise! ATMS is open for nominations from anyone that has: 1. Made a significant contribution to the Australian natural medicine profession. 2. Demonstrated excellence in their field. 3. Been an inspirational role model for other practitioners, clinics or students. Nominations close on Friday, 24th September. Visit the ATMS website to make your nomination - ATMS Natural Medicine Awards 2021 | Australian Traditional Medicine Society The Upcoming... As mentioned last newsletter, I will be launching my first FREE online Health Focus webinar on Monday 6th September at 1pm, Queensland time. It will be YOUR opportunity to ask me any health related questions, whether you'd like to do that in person on the day, or drop me a line before hand so that I can address it on the day. If you can't make the live session, I am hoping to learn how to record it too, so that you can join us when you can (assuming all goes to plan - I'm learning something new every day). I have set the date for the next 'Simple Kinesiology for Everyday Living' - on Sunday, 26th September, 9am - 5pm for anyone wanting to learn simple tools to determine physical, chemical and/or emotional imbalances, with easy balancing corrections. IIf you too would like to learn more, let me know and I'll lock in a date sooner rather than later. Isabelle is counting down to their School Fun Run on the 31st August 2021. She would greatly appreciate your sponsorship should you consider donating money to her beautiful, small, little school - which has only 126 children in the whole school. Any little donation goes a long way... :) Wishing you a sensational September! Challenge yourself to feel in to each of your senses every day of the month... Much love, Bronwyn :) xo Isabelle's School Fun Run Link Register here for the FREE Health Focus Webinar FREE Online Health Focus Webinar - Monday, 6th September 2021 at 1pm AEST (Brisbane Time). Email me your questions either before hand or when you register, so that I can tailor the session around what YOU want to know... :-) Link to Nominate a Natural Health Practitioner, Clinic or Student for Award You can register for the Kinesiology workshop online from my website. Book here for the Kinesiology Workshop Classes in 'New Thought and Inspiration Fields' VickiElectraSpiritual Conscious Evolution of Humanity Visit the College of New Thought The Compendium of ThoughtThe Compendium of Thought opening doors to greater minds everywhere Monday Dr, Tallebudgera Valley QLD 4228, Australia 0414670419 Share on social Check out my website Created with Explore Ascend

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