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August 2020 Newsletter

Awesome August has arrived... The News... This time of the year we particularly love to see the magical fireflies that sparkle around our creek just on dusk!!  It truly is an incredible phenomenon... If you happen to be around at that time of day it's work seeing if you don't have any in your area...  :)!! The other news that Isabelle is excited about is that she will be participating in a Colour Fun Run at School this year.  Their beautiful little school is looking to raise funds to purchase shade sails for the playgrounds.  The last fun run event two years ago was so much fun for the kids, that they are literally counting down, and with the current global situation I think such fun events are divinely timed!  Isabelle is so keen to get sponsors, she created her own powerpoint and little notice that she has up in clinic...  So, if you would consider supporting a lovely small school of just over 100 kids, Isabelle would be delighted.  Her sponsorship page link is: The Views... Following on from last months biochemistry informative session about balancing one's saliva pH, this month I'd like to share a little more information on the importance of balancing our urine pH. In the Reams method of analysis the urine pH reveals the resistance in our body.  Being too alkaline or too acidic as mentioned last month, puts strain on the digestive system, so ideally we want to be in the pH zone of 6.2-6.6 if we taking the pH reading a couple of hours after a main meal.  If we are too alkaline, then generally we will feel congested, which also results in more fermentation of stagnant food and therefore toxicity and constipation builds and we have more muscular aches and pains.  If we are too acidic, generally our bowel movements are a lot faster and it passes through the system too quickly to absorb what we need, and we will feel more joint aches and pains. So how do we become too alkaline or too acidic???  The most common way a system becomes imbalanced is due to the lack of variety in our food choices.  Most of us get into the habit of eating the same foods week in and week out.  There are various reasons for that, namely because we think we like those foods, it's easy to maintain routine and quite frankly it just becomes our habit.  Unfortunately that is not the best think for our digestion, as our digestive system works so much better when we have a variety of foods each week, and especially when we eat organic (even better if we can grow our own) and seasonal.  It's no wonder that as society we have developed many more intolerances to various foods... perhaps we have just taxed our system and eventually the organs become overloaded and say enough! So, obviously it's important to tailor a diet specifically to an individuals' needs, and in RBTI analysis we look at the whole picture that the 7 numbers reveal in the analysis to determine exactly what that individual needs at that point in time.  The principles are based on whole food mostly, not just supplementation, although many of us may need some additional minerals initially, as our soils are so deficient of minerals and that therefore effects the crops grown in those soils.  However, if you want a basic overview of foods to eat depending on your urine pH - if you are too acidic, for a few weeks it's best to avoid things like citrus and sour/ bitter fruits or juices, nuts, meat and soft cheeses.  If you are too alkaline, for a few weeks it's best to avoid things like bananas, berries, hard cheese, nut butters and dry cereal.  Avoiding the foods for a few weeks and then remembering to have a variety of foods each day to allow the body to absorb a variety of minerals and nutrients from the varied fruits and vegetables.  If you'd like a full picture of where you are at at present you'd be welcome to collect a sample kit from me, so that we can assess your urine and saliva for a more comprehensive picture of where your body is losing energy! Next month I'll share more about what our conductivity level reveals... The Upcoming... Over the coming weeks I will be presenting a two part webinar series on 'The Fertility Journey from a Bodyworkers Perspective' - the first one being on Tuesday, 4th August at 7pm; followed on on Tuesday, 11th August at 7pm once again.  The first part reviews some basic anatomy and physiology and I present some simple home practices that can assist natural fertility methods.  In the second webinar I will be presenting more on supporting the assisted fertility journey, as more and more people are seeking IVF support if they've been "trying" for a while...  These events are run through ATMS, so if you know anyone who may be interested I have included the link the below that you can guide them to. Wishing you an awesome August! Much love, Bronwyn  :)

Help Isabelle make a differenceHi!! I've created this page because I want to make a difference. Ingleside State School is a fabulous, small, community oriented school and boasts a big heart. The school is currently raising money for shade sails for the school playgrounds and I wanted to support them by raising money as part of my participation in the 2020 School Fun Run.

Webinar: Part 1- The Fertility Journey from a Bodyworker's PerspectiveEventbrite - Australian Traditional Medicine Society presents Webinar: Part 1- The Fertility Journey from a Bodyworker's Perspective - Tuesday, August 4, 2020 - Find event and ticket information.

Webinar: Part 2- The Fertility Journey from a Bodyworker's PerspectiveEventbrite - Australian Traditional Medicine Society presents Webinar: Part 2- The Fertility Journey from a Bodyworker's Perspective - Tuesday, August 11, 2020 - Find event and ticket information.

EXCLUSIVE AGE-DEFYING SKIN CARE RANGE As a skin care range, they are natural, vegan botanical products. If you're curious to try any of the products know that you can order directly yourself from my link at  and if you place your order online you have a 30 day money back guarantee if you don't like the product.  Only YOU can feel the difference and if you're not happy, it really is your prerogative to ask for your money back! If there are any products you'd like more information on, don't hesitate to contact me.

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