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August 2022 Newsletter

Ardent August wishes to You!! The News... August arrives after an intense end of July period. Personally I was feeling much of the chaos in the world, as I know many of you are too; as I play witness to the unfolding of your emergence. For many there are continual changes in all areas of our lives and we are being called IN - to sense, to feel, to acknowledge what feels right for us individually in the current times. In a quote I read this morning it states: 'Mosaics are created from broken pieces, and yet they are incredible artworks', and it made me think of our incredible lives that we get to create, each and every day. At times it may seem that we have broken pieces we're working with, but each piece is instrumental in bringing together the whole. As you've heard me say before, we really are imperfectly perfect, and recognising the greatness in that, brings forth the strength, courage and humility to live authentically in and through our hearts. Last month I had two opportunities to share: one was through my acupressure webinar - sharing simple points around the body that are beneficial to work on for different conditions, and the second one was at the Mother's Union Fundraising Event at St Cuthberts Anglican Church. I do so love to connect with people and to share in different ways, empowering others to believe in their innate capabilities... :-) This month, Miriam Fessler from Naturally Unique Essentials has written a piece on the benefits of her 'Joint Comfort' Salve - as seen below. If you have any questions you can always message Miriam directly from facebook page or her website for her insights and suggestions... The Views... Following on from the theme of the heart, another article I read re-iterated what I am constantly saying in practice about the importance of hydration in supporting the heart. An American nutritionist, Lynda Murray from Iowa had written an article in an American paper many years ago: 'Indeed, researchers have shown a connection between water intake and heart health. Letting the body get dehydrated could be as hard on the heart as smoking, not getting enough exercise and making poor food choices. Mild dehydration can induce echocardiographic signs of mitral valve prolapsed in 50 percent of healthy females with prior normal cardiac findings. The female subjects affected were tall and slim without any prior heart abnormalities. The researchers dried them out – mild dehydration – and heart problems ensued. Murmurs characteristic of MVP disappeared in all four rehydrated subjects and echocardiographic changes resolved in most of the rehydrated subjects. Similar studies conducted on males showed that mild dehydration induces cardiac changes to the left ventricle and reduced heart output. These changes were not found to be as significant in males, possibly due to larger vessel size. Though MVP is generally regarded as a benign condition, it may turn deadly at times. MVP is the most frequently diagnosed valve disorder in the United States. Many adults are walking around in a state of chronic dehydration. They are so used to feeling this way that they don’t even know a potentially dangerous situation exists. You might be dehydrated if you suffer from any of the following: fatigue, irritability, flushed skin, dry mouth or lips, thick saliva, constipation, lower back pain, cramping in the arms or legs, headache, sunken eyes, stiff joints or dark urine. Other symptoms include extreme thirst or the inability to drink. Sometimes athletes are unable to absorb fluid because of a jostling sensation in the gut. This can indicate dehydration, but the discomfort causes them to avoid drinking, which further compounds the dehydration. Inability to produce urine or only passing small amounts can also be indicators of dehydration. Keep in mind some of the indicators of chronic dehydration may be absent or not readily apparent in older individuals. My youngest son use to struggle with dressing himself. Zippers and belts caused him a lot of distress. He’d consider it a good day if he didn’t have to use the restroom. “No peepee today,” he announced proudly when I’d pick his dehydrated body up from school. Elderly people can also fall into the category of dehydration. Often they withhold fluids so they don’t manufacture as much urine. Older adults suffering with mobility problems, inconvenient restrooms and embarrassment issues might also intentionally dry themselves out to avoid having to make a pit stop. Here are a few self-tests to access hydration status: • Hippopotamus hydration check: All you do is open your mouth wide like a hippo grinning and examine it in a mirror in a well-lit room. If hydrated, your mucus membranes should appear moist, shiny, and void of any cracks or discoloration. Dehydration will present itself as dry mucus membranes that are dull and possibly “brittle” in appearance. (Think of a crinkled ball of wax paper.) • Skin turgor test: Grab a couple fingerfuls of skin on the top of your hand and pinch it up. If hydrated, your skin should bounce back to its original shape after it has been pinched up. Hydrated skin will have good turgor (bouncing back to its original shape) and elasticity. Dehydrated skin has poor skin turgor resulting in skin that stays pinched up. • Feeling fine test: Assess how you feel in general. If dehydrated, you’ll have a tendency to feel tired, irritable and thirsty, with a sticky mouth (dry mucus membranes) or decreased urine output. Some people theorize that depression, chronic fatigue syndrome and obesity can be linked back to dehydration. In a way, it makes sense. The brain uses 20 percent of the blood supply. If that supply is thick like a clogged river, the necessary nutrients can’t get ferried to where they need to go. It is estimated that mild dehydration can slow down metabolism by 30 percent. One of the easiest ways to protect your heart is to consistently drink more water. Drinking five or more glasses of water a day was shown to reduce the risk of fatal heart attack by 50 percent. Other beverages, such as tea, coffee, sodas and juice didn’t have this protective effect. Twenty percent of the water you need can come in from the foods you eat, and the remainder should come from fluids, with water consistently shown to be the best choice. Here are a few tips to stay hydrated: • Drink a large glass of water first thing after you wake up. • Aim to eat more high water content fruits and vegetables, such as melons and tomatoes. • Carry a plastic water bottle (made of plastic No. 1 or 2) around with you and refill it frequently. • Try flavoring your water with a squeeze of lemon or lime. • People who monitor their fluid intakes with a fit clip do better at staying hydrated. They report fewer headaches and muscular body aches. Do not ignore dehydration. Lack of adequate fluids in your body can result in headaches because of minor fluid loss to convulsions because of major fluid loss.' As I advise in clinic, the formula we say for water in RBTI analysis is: your daily goal is to drink 33ml per kilo you weigh. Essentially, the minimum works out to be whatever your weigh in kilograms... if you drink that amount in millilitres every half an hour from the time you wake up, you will reach your daily goal with ease. For example if you are 70 Kg, you drink 70ml every half an hour for 16 hours of the day; assuming you sleep for at least 8 hours. The important factor in the process is DRINK WATER EVERY HALF AN HOUR!!! It's also important not to drink during your meal. You can drink before and after, but during dilutes the gastric juices that are trying to break down the food. The other great food for the heart is asparagus. Having asparagus once or twice a week can also beneficial for you amazing heart. They say that the arsenic in asparagus allows the heart to relax, so it take the pressure off, but hydration in the number one key!! The Upcoming... The next events I will be sharing are: * 'Girls - Celebrating the JOY' workshop - on Sunday, 14th August 2022, 10am - 4pm open to girls aged 9 - 13 years old. This is an offering for young girls. Each family has their way of informing and sharing the experiences of puberty with their children. However it's often fun for the kids to share with other girls in exploring models and the practicalities of natural change. This event will be a fun filled day with factual and creative expression offerings. - The morning session is an informative, interactive session, going through the physical changes of puberty and - The afternoon session is a creative, expressive session offering tools of empowerment using reflection, craft, kinesiology and healing practices to deal with any stressors in life... I look forward to sharing with our blossoming girls * 'EFT Training Course' with Michelle McCosker - on 26-28th August 2022. If you want a career in Emotional Wellbeing, but don't know where to start... If you are a #lifecoach #holisticcoach #psychologist #counsellor #holisticcounsellor you may be looking for another skill to add to your repertoire. Evidence Based EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is skill that is a game changer for your practice and client outcomes. Eliminate limitations and guide your clients to step into their best life. Clear negative stuck emotions, limiting beliefs and unhelpful family patterns for a limitless life! Learning this technique with the option of Premium Accreditation will place you as a Clinical EFT practitioner riding this 4th Wave of Therapy. Enrolments are now open for the 3 day Practitioner training course 26th - 28th August 2022 on the Sunshine Coast with limited spaces available. See the flyer below. Future training dates will be updated soon in person at various locations and online. * 'Ladies - Retreating into the JOY' workshop - on Sunday, 18 September 2022. This day is still in the creation phase, as I'm hoping to collaborate with a few other awesome facilitators, so will let you know by next newsletter what we've co-created... :-) Abounding August wishes to you... :-) Much love, Bronwyn xo Skin care products - available for purchase at Products & Books - available for purchase in clinic or order online at

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