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December 2020 Newsletter

Ho, Ho, Ho & Happy December to You... The News... I can hardly believe that we are into the final month of 2020... & what a scorcher it is already. That sings out that there'll be lots of beaching this Summer - woohoo!! :-) Last month I attended a Health Practitioners Lymphatic Workshop with Chelsey Jean, whom is a therapist and naturopath who is big on getting ladies activating lymph flow... I love the simplicity of the message she is portraying and she's offering Free Facebook "BooB CamPs" where she shows women how to massage around the breasts (and rest of the body); which boosts the immune system since cancer and most other conditions affect the lymphatic system. It's worth checking out her website at and I have most of her products available in clinic at present. The workshops and webinars I presented were loads of fun, with fabulous participants and I'm sure there'll be more to look forward to next year! Clinically - I'll be working through until 24th December, and then I'll be having a couple of weeks off. So clinic will be CLOSED from 25th December until the 11th January 2021. If you'd like some festive season gift options there are several things you can purchase from my website shop and course links - including: * Books * Breathing re-training tapes - such as Myotape and the SleepYstrip, which are both also great for snorers and those with sleep apnoea. * Myomunchees - which are awesome devices utilised to assist children's teeth and jaw development. * Online Buteyko Breathing Courses - for children and adults. * Chelsey Jean's LymFATic kits - which include lymphatic stimulating magnetic gloves, a body stimulating cream, soap alternative sponges and a face cream. Feel free to visit her website from the link below to see what's available, and you can order or collect from me, or directly from Chelsey's website... :) Other options available if you are looking for gift ideas are: * Gift Vouchers - you can email me for any vouchers you'd like to purchase and I can tailor create them to your requests. * Neora Skincare Products - ordering from the link at the bottom of this newsletter for any of their fabulous products. I'm still enjoying them; which for me affirms the quality of the product. & you know... we really do deserve to pamper ourselves with quality products. We only have one temple, and it's our responsibility to look after it; both inside and out! :) The Views... As many of you know I love learning, and this year my new focus and research has predominantly been studying Reams Biologicial Theory of Ionisation (RBTI). I have loved learning about RBTI analysis, as it’s a great to way to assess your biochemical health and is a fantastic adjunct service that I can offer amongst all the other forms of play I enjoy. Seeing the numbers reveals specifically where the body is losing energy, and therefore guides both the practitioner and individual to tailor a nutritional plan to nourish the organs losing energy. Once the body gains energy, it then has the capacity to accelerate the healing process. The principles based upon adequate intake of good water and mineral rich foods to me seem simple and should be common sense… and yet, so many of us have at times lost sight of the simple things in life. The body reveals everything and if we are willing to make lifestyle changes when our body shows where it needs support, it will stand us in good stead. Following the numbers to check our health, RBTI offers an awesome, non-invasive health analysis to make a difference to peoples health. In Carey Reams words, ‘Why guess when you can be sure?’ From the biochemistry principles, If you'd like a full picture of where you are at at present you'd be welcome to collect a sample kit from me, so that we can assess your urine and saliva for a more comprehensive picture of where your body is losing energy! If you'd like to start with the basics you can monitor your own pH from home using pH tape/ strips, which give you a rough guide - aiming for both your urine and saliva pH's to be between 6.2 - 6.6 when taken ~2 hours after a main meal. If you'd like to see the whole picture and specifically how your whole body is functioning, book in for a sample assessment with me. If you'd like to learn more, search for 'Doc Misak' on You Tube, where he has his free livestream informative chat every Sunday our time (Saturday in the USA) and there are recordings of many of his previous sessions. I have learnt so much just from them... The Upcoming... Allow yourselves precious time with family, friends and loved ones, but most importantly give YOURSELF some nourishing, nurturing time over this festive season! Take time to be present, in the moment - for it usually is our most amazing gift!! & in the moment, acknowledge ALL that you are..., express gratitude for all - past, present and future - as we glide into the newness of 2021. If you do indulge in delicious treats, remember that digestive enzymes would be a fabulous addition to have on hand during this time... so that if you feel bloated or the discomfort building, taking a couple of enzymes assists your body to break it down. & remember, loads and loads of water - not only to stay hydrated in this heat, but to flush everything out of your system. May you have a divine, dashing, delightful December. Much love into the new Year, Bronwyn :)

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Chelsey Jean LymFATicsThe success is in the sequence! Let's make health fun! What if I told you the secret to essential detoxification, body remodelling, immune health, fat transportation, metabolism, & increased energy levels, can be achieved by my following lymphatic sequence and supercharged by using my Naturopathically formulated tools!

EXCLUSIVE AGE-DEFYING SKIN CARE RANGE As a skin care range, they are natural, vegan botanical products. If you're curious to try any of the products know that you can order directly yourself from my link at and if you place your order online you have a 30 day money back guarantee if you don't like the product. Only YOU can feel the difference and if you're not happy, it really is your prerogative to ask for your money back! If there are any products you'd like more information on, don't hesitate to contact me.

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