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July 2020 Newsletter

Jabulani (which in Zulu means rejoice and bring happiness to) July...  Enjoying the fabulous valley vibes everyday, we've decided to have a few days away to enjoy the glorious beaches we have…  We are so blessed here on the Eastern Coast and don't even have to go far...  I so love options!! Early next month I will be presenting a two part webinar series on 'The Fertility Journey from a Bodyworkers Perspective', so I will be preparing for that.  It is an event run through ATMS, so if you know anyone who may be interested I have included the link the below that you can guide them to. Now considering our health, when we understand that stress of any kind, whether it be physical, chemical or emotional, affects our adrenal glands.  Our adrenals produce hormones such has cortisol and adrenaline to help us deal with our "fight or flight" (sympathetic nervous system) survival responses, when we're dealing with stress.  Now when the adrenals become overloaded we begin to feel tired and fatigued. If the stress continues then the liver becomes overloaded as well, because when we stress we shut off our "rest and digest" (parasympathetic) nervous system.  If the stress continues, a chain reaction affecting various organs eventually occurs.  When the liver is overloaded it affects everything as our liver is our second largest organ (after our skin) and it detoxes everything we eat, drink, breathe, etc... in order to clean our blood before it pumps the blood to the heart to be sent around the body.  If that continues, the pancreas is affected, which regulates our blood sugar, and if that continues the thyroid is affected, which regulates our metabolism, and if that continues eventually the thymus is affected which regulates our immunity. So if our immune system is hitting rock bottom, going back along the chain reaction, the first thing we need to deal with is decreasing the stress and allowing the body to rest, so that it can recover!!! In relation to monitoring the liver and gall bladder function biochemically, the RBTI analysis shows a change in saliva pH.  When testing a sample taken 2 hours after a meal, the saliva pH reading ideaaly should be between 6.2-6.6. Most people that I have been assessing have a pH reading much higher than the "healing range", which indicates that they are far too alkaline and therefore their body is not able to digest or assimilate their food very well. Being too alkaline or too acidic puts strain on the digestive system, so we ideally we want to be in the ideal pH zone of 6.2-6.6 if we taking the pH reading a couple of hours after a meal.  To support the system initially some people benefit from taking digestive enzymes. When people having lower readings their saliva pH is too acidic which indicates irritation to their lining from their mouth down their throat as you can imagine.  Therefore even some slippery elm may assist and soothe their digestive process initially.  If you wanted to test yourself you can purchase pH testing tape/ strips (litmus paper) from your local chemist or health food store, or you can check in with me as sometimes I have stock.  In the RBTI picture this is only a small component as there are 7 numbers to assess and they all affect each other, so supporting one aspect may help, but as we mentioned it's a cascading system and identifying all the weaknesses can empower us to make the lifestyle changes we need in order to find our healthy, happy zone to fulfil our vitality!  Next month I'll share more about what our urine pH reveals... Wishing you a jubilant July! Much love, Bronwyn  :)

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Webinar: Part 1- The Fertility Journey from a Bodyworker's PerspectiveEventbrite - Australian Traditional Medicine Society presents Webinar: Part 1- The Fertility Journey from a Bodyworker's Perspective - Tuesday, August 4, 2020 - Find event and ticket information.

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