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Myospots have been designed to assist in retraining the correct tongue posture position at the roof of your mouth, instead of it dropping down which is common with myofunctional dysfunction.  Orofacial myofunctional dysfunction has been linked to a range of problems, including tongue thrust, various dental malocclusions, sleep apnea, snoring, swallowing difficulty (dysphagia), oral malocclusions and speech disorders.


Myospots are small biodegradable adhesive spots that can easily adhere to the roof of the mouth. Once adhered, the Myospot will involuntarily induce your tongue to elevate and touch it, where it will start to slowly dissolve in the saliva and completely disappear after about 1 hour of extensive tongue elevation training.


Repeating this tongue elevation exercise for 2-3 times a day over 3-4 months period will result in two important outcomes:

  • Your tongue posture will change from sitting low in the bottom of the mouth to resting against the roof of the mouth. This helps induce nasal breathing while awake and asleep.
  • The extensive training of the tongue muscles will increase tongue muscles strength, which will reflect on improving breathing during sleep (airways will remain open and will not be blocked by the collapsing tongue muscles and soft tissue that tends to occur in weak low tongue posture), improved speech and swallowing efficiency.


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Myospot - Tongue Exercise Spots

  • Myospots are made of a mixture of Algae agar, cellulose gum and xanthan gum. In addition, they contain small concentrations of stevia (as a sweetener), natural fruit flavour, natural colour and a preservative (potassium sorbate) to protect the product against microbial growth.

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