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August 2023 Newsletter

Aloha August,

The News...

This time of the year brings the magic as the fireflies appear around dusk each day. Walking down our driveway peering into the bushland for any flicker of light, brings such delight!! If you've been a patient at the end of my day, you will have had me corralling you along to witness the magic that is soooooo real.

Today began with much delight, our local wallaby and joey just outside our window, and then a morning of cockatoos calling. As you see in the photo above, we had the yellow tail black cockatoos, high pitched shrills and the sulphur crested cockatoos squawking in conversation. The sounds of nature sharing their song and the light of the full moon overhead. How blessed are we...??

The Views...

Last month I taught an introductory face reading course with a delightful group of ladies that made the day so fun. We shared how inspiring it is to be able to read and understand the values expressed by our friends and loved ones; and how that influences how we communicate with each other. The next one will be on Sunday, so let me know if you may be interested in joining us...

I also had an opportunity last week to attend a Joy Bunch meeting organised by Malise Banks and met some other inspiring souls. I was delighted to purchase a book from local author, Matthew Harris 'The Way of the Courageous Vulnerable: Finding Your Meaning and Purpose Through the 7 Stages of the Hero's Journey'. I look forward to reading more this month. His book is available for purchase at

The Upcoming...

  • FREE Reconnective Healing - On the day of the Lions Gate Portal - the 8/8 - I have decided to offer an opportunity to tune in for 8 minutes allowing yourself to receive... Like a prayer/ meditation, God/ Love/ The Universe knows exactly what you need at this time... We have to be in receiving mode to allow it in!! So, what I'd love for you to do is on the dayof the 8/8 at 8 o'çlock whereever you are in the world, relax in a comfortable position, and be open... allowing yourself to receive! You may notice physical sensations/ twitches/ heat/ cold/ tingling, you may see colours/ images, or may hear noises/ voices/ tones, you may notice smells/ scents/ aromas, you may notice different tastes/ dryness of mouth, you may notice emotions arise, you may notice a change in your breathing or you may feel relaxed, or you may feel nothing at all. There is no requirement or judgement of what you may sense, all I ask is that you remember what your felt at the end of the eight minutes and send me an email or message sharing your experience. Tuesday 8th August at 8am and/ or 8pm for 8 minutes...

    • If you are unable to join in with me, where ever you are in the world, then when you remember, or when you read this message, allow yourself to take 8 minutes to listen... to listen to Source, to listen with all your heart, and all your body.

    • & I'd love for you to message me when you have a moment to share any insights, feelings, healings you may have experienced after your 8 minutes of quiet time tuning in!!

Wishing you an awesome August,

Much love,

Bronwyn xo

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