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December 2023 Newsletter

Salut to a Sizzling Summer,

The News...

I can hardly believe that the year end is nigh, and that the festive season is knocking on our doors.

Firstly, has anyone lost a pair of spectacles? We found them in the garden and none of the patients that had been in the week we found them knew them. So, I'm assuming that at some point, someone waiting accidentally dropped them out of their bag. If you know of someone who misplaced brown mottled rimmed glasses, please do send them my way, as they are missing their owner... (picture is down below)..

November was a wonderful learning month for me. I attended Dr Robert Melillo's Brain Balance seminars in Sydney. My brain was exploding in revision, reminding me of my days at the Prince Of Wales medical research institute - 30+ years ago, when I was studying the brains of people who'd had Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimers. Those were the days I knew exactly what each part of the brain was... now I realise there is alot I have to revise and relearn as those decades have impacted the storage space at present ;-)! It was nice to be in the "big smoke" for five days, learning, but also catching up and connecting with some special friends.

I will be having the week off between Christmas and New Year and then in January I will be doing a locum for Dr Andrew Treloar again at Essence Chiropractic in Tweed Heads Mall on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. So, if you need urgent care and can't get in to aee me at the Tallebudgera Valley clinic, you'll have the option of contacting the Tweed Office on 0412-747-731.

The Views...

Dr Melillo believes functional neuro-behavioural balances can make a significant impact in the lives of those who have mental or neuro-divergent learning abilities. His work is based on recognising whether our left brain or right brain is more dominant in the moment. If one is more dominant and one is deficient, we work in various ways to activate the deficient side of the brain, which sparks the networks of neurons in the brain to fire up once again. So, it's not that the brain is not firing, its just that sometimes, some networks within the brain are on pause or hold pattern, whilst others are in fast forward. In extreme situations it can cause all sorts of conditions like anxiety, depression, dyslexia, POTS, autism, tics, Tourette's, OCDs, mania, bipolar and schizophrenia type symptoms. Learning ways for you to support yourself and/or your loved ones can be so empowering. Applying some of Dr Melillo's work can help us understand and make a significant difference in coping in the world we live in! If you'd like to learn more you may consider one of his eight books that have loads of insights.

The Upcoming...

I wish you a wonderful festive season. May you have time for a break and enjoy peaceful, loving time with family. If you're in our sizzling part of the world, may you have many opportunities to cool off in the ocean, washing away all the cares in the world... nourishing every cell in YOUR body.

A huge THANK YOU to all of you whom have chosen me to care for you this year!! Thank you to those who chose to learn from me this year, attending workshops and gatherings. I look forward to caring and sharing even more in 2024.

Much love,

Bronwyn xo

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