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February 2022 Newsletter

Happy, happy new year & Chinese Tiger new year! May we bring forth the courage and poise that the tiger symbolises... The News... I enjoyed my break over the festive season - it was very low key, family oriented and restful, which was exactly what I needed. I am so grateful that we also live in such a beautiful environment to find opportunities to ground in nature... whether it be in our back yard, bush walks, wildlife spotting, creek dips or ocean adventures. There are opportunities all around us. Another thing I loved was re-listening to the kids 'Sara' Series audiobooks by Ésther & Jerry Hicks. It for us big kids, as well as younger kids... It was delightful to be reminded that if we know what we want, the only thing NEXT... is to be in the receiving mode!! We really do create our own reality; our own experiences every minute of every day!! When we experience the polarity, we get more clarity on knowing what we don't want, and then we have certainty on what we DO want... & then we just allow ourselves to receive. I LOVE IT!!! & yes, we all do need to be reminded from time to time... Another book I received was 'Breathless Sleep - no more' by Paul Rodriguez, revealing his experience of health decline, eventually requiring a sleep apnoea machine (CPAP)., to learning how to breath functionally and efficiently, reaping all the health benefits - which also included sleep!! Clinic is back in full swing and am currently booking out a few weeks in advance, so please know that I'm happy to book ahead, but can have you on the cancellation list, should changes arise. HICAPS facilities are not available in clinic, however you can claim directly with your private health fund to have funds deposited into your account directly. The Views... I enjoyed nurturing my vege garden over the break too and just love watching everything grow. Following on from the RBTI principles we gain our energy from the energy in our foods, and what give our food energy is the minerals it gains from the soil. As a result good produce tends to have high "brix" (sugar) numbers. Fruit and vegetables with higher brix numbers tend to last longer naturally before spoiling; so that can give you an indication of the quality of your produce. I use a brix refractometer when doing the RBTI biochemical health analysis to measure one's sugars & it easily reveals whether a person's sugars are too high or too low. As I've mentioned in many previous newsletters, fresh, green juices daily are one of the most amazing ways to balance out our sugars naturally!! As mentioned last month, if you happen to have spare time and it sparks your interest, there is much to read and learn on the following websites. - - The Upcoming... Workshops offerings will commence next month on * Sunday, 6th March 2022 with 'Simple Kinesiology for Everyday Living'. * Having been inspired by Dr Francis Houston's work, the next workshop will be 'Introduction to Acupressure Contact Healing - learning self care options for Common Conditions'. Let me know if it would be something you'd be interest in...? As I confirm dates, all workshops will be listed on my website with more information and registration. * In addition, Dakotah Bradshaw and Vicki Leary have been tirelessly putting together their courses for the 'School of New Thought' and the 'College of New Thought'. There is so much love in what they have to offer in expanding our consciousness. Dakotah is introducing her kids courses - learning about the brain and expanding thought. It really sounds amazing and if you think you your child(ren) may be interested, I highly recommend you contact Dakotah directly for more information on or 0428344552. Wishing you a fabulous February. Much love, Bronwyn :) xo You can register for the next Kinesiology workshop online from my website. Silk Scarves starting from $40 - $70 Firm Contour Cream Results Look your best at any age - NEORA products Neora's comprehensive, age-defying line combines the best of science and nature to deliver proven results, transforming how you look on the outside and feel on the inside. Selkie, The Australian Fur Seal and the Wrong Jellyfish: A heart-warming adventure of seals saving a sea turtle Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a seal for a day? This illustrated children's story takes the reader into the unseen world of seals as two Australian fur seal pups explore their natural wonderland of the sea.

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