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July 2022 Newsletter

Jovial July wishes to You!! The News... As we notice the changes of the deciduous trees, the leaves are starting to fall seeing that we've moved beyond the shortest day of the year... The recent couple of days with the cold and wet have been deceiving, but the good news is that we are heading closer to the warmth again - which is the what I love the most!! It's always great to look forward to more good things... right?! Clinic continues to be busy, being booked out about a month in advance, so if you're happy to wait we can always pre-book an appointment, but I can always have you on my cancellation list; should any opportunities arise earlier... Following the current financial recommendations has resulted in a slight increase to my current fees with a $5 increase for all services. Last month we had another wonderfully inspiring group of people who attended the one day Kinesiology workshop, and I am always honoured and inspired by the attendees that are ready to TRUST themselves to find ways to tune in to themselves or others - to support our healing journey!! This upcoming week, I'll be having a few days off in the school holidays to ensure I find balance and time in my motherhood role. What a blessing that really is... :-)!! Then in a couple of weeks I've been invited to give a Health Focus presentation at the St Cuthbert's Anglican Church, Tweed Heads Mothers Union fundraiser event. It is a 'Soup and Slice Lunch' fundraiser event for $10 per person. Funds are being raised to go towards the 'Disaster and Climate Change Management in the Pacific' following the recent underwater volcano which spilled ash over Tonga and other parts of Polynesia. It would be delightful to see you there are noon, as all are welcome and I have no doubt that the lunch and treats will be delicious!! If you think you may drop in, please let me know so that I can give the wonderful ladies an idea of extra numbers so that they can ensure they have enough catering supplies. :-) The Views... This month, Miriam Fessler from Naturally Unique Essentials has written a piece on the benefits of her 'Itch Buster' Salve - as seen below. We've found it tremendous in our household, and if you have any questions you can always message Miriam directly from facebook page or her website for her insights and suggestions... The Upcoming... The next events I will be sharing are: * 'Acupressure Contact Healing - focusing on Common Body Conditions' online Webinar - on Monday, 18th July 2022, 12noon to 1:30pm with time for questions - . We will cover acupressure points you can use for things like dizziness, coughs, nausea, vomiting, heart conditions, lung conditions, digestive conditions, kidney conditions, etc. If you'd like to learn more about a particular condition, email me in advance and I can ensure I include some key points in the webinar for you too!! If you are unable to attend live, you can still register and a copy of the link will be sent to you to watch at your leisure. * Health Focus Presentation at the Mother's Union Fund-Raising Day 'Soup and Slice Lunch' at St. Cuthbert's Anglican Church Hall, Tweed Heads- on Wednesday, 20th July 2022 at 12noon, $10 per head. All are welcome!! Message me to let me know numbers if you'd like to join us for this wonderful event. * 'Girls - Celebrating the JOY' workshops - on Sunday, 14th August 2022, 10am - 4pm open to girls aged 8 - 13 years old. It will be a fun filled day with factual and creative expression offerings. - The morning session being an information session, going through the physical changes of puberty and - The afternoon session being an interactive session offering tools of empowerment using reflection, kinesiology and healing practices to deal with any stressors in life... Wishing you a Jestful July, as laughter is the best medicine!! :-) Much love, Bronwyn :) xo

Silk Scarves starting from $40 - $70 available for purchase in clinic or at Husk @ Heritage Cafe.

Skin care products - available for purchase at

Products & Books - available for purchase in clinic or order online at

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