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November 2022 Newsletter

Joyous greetings to you this month.

The News...

As we see the gorgeous purple flowers around, the Jacarandas always symbolise my favourite time of the year. The warmer temperatures are closer... We got a sweet little taste of the heat and humidity, before the cool breeze popped back in, but the days are just glorious in the sun at present.

The news this month is that from the 29th November I will be doing a Locum for Dr Andrew Treloar of Essence Chiropractic in Tweed Heads. I will be working at their clinic in Tweed Mall on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons until the 12th January 2023. So if you're further south and would like to get in to see me there, you can call their clinic on 0412-747-731 to see what appointment times they may have available, or you can book online at

The Views...

Following on from the courses I had commenced earlier, this past month I have continued learning more about face reading with Linda Thackray. The reality is that our life shapes our world and how we perceive it, and we get an insight into those around us by tuning into what they're presenting through their face. A quick glance at a face gives tremendous insight into both the public face and the private persona each individual wishes to portray. Our familial experience is presented to the world and we get to reveal both our gifts and lessons of this lifetime. Linda offers several courses both online and in person:

This month Miriam from Naturally Unique Essentials is sharing her 'Scratch and Bumps' salve which is beneficial at this time of the year along with her 'Itch Buster', as the warmer weather brings out more little bugs.

The Upcoming...

The lovely Dakotah Bradshaw is offering a FREE program to parents and children over 10 on the brain and the infinite prospects of our human potential. Dakotah has designed an online program that you can explore. Visit

I have no events planned for the rest of this year, but I'm sure I'll have some fun creations in store next year as continue to delve into all sorts of fun... :-)! As you know, I do love to share when I gain insights, so look out for some fun workshops in the new year...

Wishing you a nurtured November... :-)

Much love,

Bronwyn xo

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