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October 2022 Newsletter

Outstanding October greetings to you... The News... I have to say I enjoyed some down time in the school holidays. We managed a trip down to Sydney and Newcastle to visit some special friends and added in some fun and adventure. As you see from the welcome picture, we were welcomed the first day by a wild fur seal at the Opera House steps. Isabelle named him Oscar, ... at the Opera. We thoroughly enjoyed 'The Art of Dr. Seuss' collection at a gallery in the QVB and had time for a Mary Poppins show. We got to have hair-raising rides at Luna Park, scrumptious meals and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious banana-gram games with the best company. Oh, so much fun that was funny, in the sun that was sunny... ;-)!! The Views... Last month was a month of learning for me... I delved into a couple of courses; as you know I do love to learn and then to share of course... ;)! Early in the month I attended a course with Dr. Jenna Davis, a Chiropractor from Canada, who was sharing her insights on treating paediatric tongue tie. If we address biomechanical hinderances early we can change a life and prevent long term challenges... Such a joy to be a part of!! :) Another course I attended was on social behaviour patterning and was on 'Understanding Your Child', but really it applies to everyone as we all revert to our inner child in times of stress or low immunity. Dr. Arini Verwer believes that we are in each others lives to help each other grow. Primarily she says our processing is based on whether we are thinkers, feelers or doers. She has wonderfully characterised 6 colour group personality types based on our social brain mode and presents the values, learning styles and communication preferences that different brain modes require for better connection. For example, if you are...

  • An Orange - you value honesty & harmony.

  • A Purple - you value respect and justice.

  • A Blue - you value integrity and trustworthiness.

  • A Green - you value principles and efficiency.

  • A Yellow - you value hardwork and practicality.

  • A Red - you value reliability and usefulness.

I highly recommend any of Arini's courses. She has loads of informative free e-documents, and her online courses are invaluable!! You can visit her website at If you'd like me to share her e-book on 'Understanding My Own Social Brain' or on Understanding People', drop me a line and which one you'd like and I can email through to you. At present, I am currently working through a face reading course with Linda Thackray, which is also intriguing me. Having been curious after meeting the wonderful hand reader John Christopher a few years ago, I've been more intrigued about how life shapes our presentation in various forms. The introduction to face reading correlated to what I had learned about the social brain modes as the shape of our face gives us an insight into whether a person is a mind, emotion or action person. Stay tuned for more insights as I learn more about our gifts and lessons that are presented through our facial features... We truly are incredibly amazing!!! The Upcoming... There are no events planned for this month, but I've had a few enquiries about running another kinesiology workshop. If it's something you may be interested in, let me know as I may be able to offer a day workshop in November if there are enough people interested. Wishing you an openhearted October... :-) Much love, Bronwyn xo

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