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October 2023 Newsletter

Hello to Jacaranda Month,

The News...

September was a jam packed, fun filled month for me - watching several shows and then also getting to perform with my daughter, Isabelle in the Common People Dance Project Rock Eisteddfod as part of the Brisbane Festival. Our Gold Coast theme was GLOW - the Glowing Ladies of Wrestling & as you'll see from the photos below, we were definitely glowing. The Common People Dance Project is for any "commoners" who want to dance and have some fun, regardless of whether or not you have any dance experience. It's open to all ages & all abilities and we meet once a week for a couple of school terms before the dance off in Brisbane. We performed against the Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Bayside and in reality we were all winners!! We invite you to join us next year, as I can assure that it's loads of fun!!

Paul Marwood, the friend I mentioned last month has also just released a number one best selling book with a group of authors, called 'Soul Love'. It's a wonderful compilation of sharing, and I encourage you to check it out on amazon if you'd love to read and reignite your own dreams to fulfill your Soul LOVE.

Unfortunately the start of this month brought heartbreaking news for me, losing a young family member in a crash. The waves of grief have been challenging at times, and I know and acknowledge this is part of the process in the healing... A wonderful mentor of mine shared with me, that sadness is not an emotion, but rather a recognition of change; that things will never be the same as before!! He reminded me that time and acceptance of this change is what eases the sadness. The knowing doesn't make it easier... it just reminds me to live and love to the fullest as we never know what life unfolds. I want to thank all of you who have been understanding when I had to cancel all appointments over the last couple of weeks.

The Views...

Having taught another awesome group of ladies early this month at a Face Reading Workshop , I had received a few enquiries prior asking what the research is? It gave me the opportunity to share that most recent research has been on understanding facial evaluation on social dimensions. It made me contemplate how the world we live in is a very different world these days in terms of social interactions. Young folk, as we know, are interacting more on social platforms, and less face to face, and therefore the subtlety in understanding the cues of face reading in my opinion is becoming increasingly important.

The Upcoming...

*Girls JOY Workshop - A fun workshop for girls aged 9-13 years old, sharing the insights of their body and mood changes and giving them simple strategies to use through meditation, yoga, dance, kinesiology and self healing. It's both informative and fun so that our girls feel empowered in their 'Journey of You'(JOY).

  • Sunday, 14 October, 2023 from 9:30am - 2:30pm, GOLD COAST

*Face Reading Workshop - A half day workshop delving into understanding how to read faces to understand both yourself and all around you. We cover the meaning of the main features of our face and then also correlate some social behaviour patterns that we express. It's a very practical, informative, fun session. I'd love to share with you, if you choose to join and if you know anyone is Sydney who may be interested, I'd love for you please to share it with them. Limited to 9 attendees.

  • Sunday, 12 November 2023 from 9:00am - 1:30pm, SYDNEY CBD

Wishing you an outstanding October,

Much love,

Bronwyn xo

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