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September 2022 Newsletter

Special greetings to you all, ... and the spring of Spring has sprung!! :-) The News... Having spotted some magical fireflies early last month, my sense of awe in this wonderful world we live in was re-established!!! The young girls JOY retreat was super fun! It truly is a delight to share with inspiring young ladies. They asked great questions, and we learnt about the intricacies of their body and inner wisdom. For those that have been in clinic and seen the little sign that Isabelle created about her school fun run on the 12th September - she is super grateful for all your generous donations, going towards her little school in the valley. Any little change goes a long way, so a big thank you from me too! For those that have asked for an online link to donate, here is the link: This month, Miriam Fessler from Naturally Unique Essentials has written a piece on the benefits of her magical 'Muscle Rub' Salve - as seen below. If you have any questions you can always message Miriam directly from facebook page or her website for her insights and suggestions... The Views... This month I will share a little about the main minerals that make up our bodies': 60% calcium, 24% phosphate, 12% potassium and 4% of the rest of the trace minerals. In relation to calcium, there are more than 250,000 types of calcium, but the human body can only use seven types - namely calcium gluconate, calcium carbonate, calcium lactate, calcium sulphate, calcium phosphate, calcium magnesium carbonate, calcium citrate/orate. Depending on whether your urine pH is too high or low (from the ideal healing zone of 6.2 - 6.4) determines which calcium the body needs more of at that time. Once we're in a healing zone, the body needs a little of each of the various types of calcium in order to maintain balance. Hence eating a variety of different foods each week ensures that we gain the different form of various minerals we need. Variety is another very special key!! The primary organ that the calcium supports is the liver, and as the calcium levels in the body decrease, an individual starts getting more anxious and nervous, and then addictions can kick in as the body is in survival mode; just trying to cope. Women need seven times more specific mineral calcium than men, and if our levels get low, it affects our menstrual cycle too. Whereas men need more manganese than women, but the manganese is particularly beneficial for reproduction. It's all about finding the balance in life though, isn't it...? :-). Many of you know that I use the RBTI urine and saliva testing to determine any imbalances of the body, so as to guide us to building up our biochemical vitality. The best source of all these minerals is ideally from high brix foods, which are obtained from nutrient and mineral rich soils. I had messaged a well known agriculturalist on his advice on yielding good quality crops and his answer was: "It's pretty simple Bronwyn. Always get some fresh calcium into your soil, not big lots but a little and often and then the phosphorus". So it seems that our the soils primarily need just the right amount of calcium and phosphate too, to provide the optimal growing potential for the fruit and vegetables. The Upcoming... The upcoming events this month are: * 'Ladies Day JOY Retreat' - on Sunday, 18 September 2022, 10am - 4pm. I am collaborating with two other beautiful souls to create a wonderful day for all ladies to go in... to allow yourself to tune in to the magic within; without any expectations. Ladies, if you are ready to allow yourself to BE - whatever that may be for you at this time... we will hold space to love and support and nurture you whilst allowing you to express in any way you are drawn. There will be sessions to guide and comfort you and to allow your creative spirit to come through, with nourishing food to nurture your temple. Nicola, Lauren and I invite you to join us. Gents, if you'd like to surprise your lady, why not consider purchasing a voucher for them to attend this wonderful day just for them. They will surely love you even more for considering this special offer just for them. * 'Sourdough Science Academy Workshops' - with Roberto Giammellucca. I attended a Bread making workshop, and having been trying to improve my home made sourdough breads ever since. He also runs pizza and pasta making workshops both on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. If you love food and you'd like to try a new art, I'd highly recommend Roberto and his enthusiastic passion to share the italian way... :-)!! The flyer below outlines all his workshops this month. Spectacular September wishes to you... :-) Much love, Bronwyn xo

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